Taylor is an artist, writer, entrepreneur and founder of Little Hippie, a creative apparel and home goods brand. She specializes in illustration, licensed merchandising & experiential design, being both an expert in the art of the counter culture and a figure in it.  Taylor’s artwork has become iconic in its own right and her social network following has grown to 150,000+ combined followers.

With over seventeen years experience as a licensee with the Grateful Dead, Taylor is well familiar with the ins and outs of licensing contracts, merchandising deals and artist agreements. Not only does she have the ability to create imagery that is at once classic and timely, but she can manage your entire project. A strong leader with a highly capable team behind her, she is always interested in comprehensive design projects and collaborative partnerships.

Having moved frequently as a child, Taylor developed a love early on for new places paired with an amazing ability to keep in touch with people from everywhere. Living in New York City has made that even easier. Since graduating at 20 years old with a BA in French & English from Skidmore College in 1999, Taylor has spent most of her adult life traveling to countless concerts and music festivals to promote her business and sell the products she designs. She splits her time between her home in Brooklyn, the Connecticut Shoreline and makes frequent trips to California.

Taylor has a passion for life on the water, and for swimming in particular.  She has spent many days on the road, and she seeks out swimming holes wherever she goes.  Nothing however ever compares to the harbor in which she grew up, to which she feels a deep connection.  Her artwork reflects the competing forces in her life - a love of adventure and a longing for home.  In open water swimming she finds both; it is her ultimate freedom.  An avid yogi as well, she also really likes to stand on her head and look at the world upside down.

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Podcasts with Taylor

Strangers Stopping Strangers Episode 19 with Taylor also available on iTunes.
Dream Nation Episode 5 with Taylor also available on iTunes.


Taylor is available for all sorts of commission projects from album covers to paintings to concert posters.

In addition to working with the Grateful Dead as a licensee of Warner Music/Rhino Entertainment since 2004, I have also done custom merchandise design for these clients.