Somewhere around the end of 2015 I developed an obsession with geometric shapes and mandalas, and I began a few months of intense pencil sketching, exploring the many ways in which these shapes could interact.  In many cases, I aimed to create infinite loops, lines that wove in and out of each other suggesting endless energy flow.  I wanted to create a coloring book, and these sketches evolved in to templates that could provide others with opportunity to explore their own attraction to shapes and colors.


True tetrachromatics are exceptionally rare.  They are people who have four cones on their retina instead of the usual three, and they see colors far beyond what the normal eye sees.  While most of us will never experience this, we can nonetheless strive to see more color than the obvious.  We can experiment with color to the best of our abilities, and we can play with with art to create a state of tetrachromatica for ourselves, a life in color.  

Each of these templates can be downloaded and printed for you to color with.  I'd love to see what you create!  Please tag #tetrachromatica on Instagram to be featured on the @tetrachromatica page.